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Divorce can be stressful, and separating couples can quickly come to disagreements regarding distribution of assets, money and property; however, one of the most commonly contested areas of divorce are situations that involve children. Determining custody, child support and visitation can be difficult, and many families feel stressed regarding this area of their divorce decrees. In order to protect your parental rights and ensure that your child's best interests are kept in mind, you need to speak with our Bronx child custody attorneys. At The Law Office of Ava G. Gutfriend, I stand ready to provide families with trusted representation for their family law and child custody cases.

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While each case is unique to the individuals involved, family law judges commonly consider the following:

  • Each parent's income
  • The health of each parent
  • Overall health and well-being of the child
  • Location of the parents
  • Ability to obtain and keep insurance
  • Relationships between the parent and child

In some cases, children over the age of 12 will be given the chance to voice their preference on their living situation. If you are already consulting a mediator or family therapist, a judge will also take into consideration the expert's findings prior to coming to a verdict regarding custody.

When you work with my firm I will fight to protect your rights as a parent; however, it is important to remember that a judge will almost always, without a doubt, rule in favor of the child's best interests.

How a Bronx Child Custody Attorney Can Help

Retaining the representation of an experienced attorney can provide you with the information and counsel you need to ensure that your child, family and rights are protected. I will work diligently to help provide you with a favorable outcome for your child custody case. Once custody agreements have been reached, I will assist you and your spouse with coming to an acceptable resolution regarding child support and visitation. Working with an attorney can help provide you with an amicable completion to your custody case. If you have questions about your situation, or if you are interested in learning how a Bronx child custody lawyer can benefit you, do not hesitate to contact my firm right away. I provide case evaluations to all potential clients, so contact The Law Office of Ava G. Gutfriend to get started!

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