Divorce Rates Surge in March and August


In August, summer is winding down, the school year is gearing up, and families are preparing for the holiday season. What many people may not know is that August, along with March, is also a time which sees divorce rates peak, according to a new study out of the University of Washington. This study is among the first of its kind and looks at data from divorce records in the state of Washington over a period of 15 years. Researchers discovered that divorce rates rise during the middle of the year, peaking once during the third month and once again in August.

Why Are Divorce Rates Higher In August and March?

Currently, the claims made by the authors have not undergone peer review but other evidence from around the nation may back up their story. For example, researchers note that the general population in the United States conducts online searches for terms such as “child custody” and “divorce” more around the month of March than at any other time during the year. The authors suggest this may be evidence indicating that this trend in divorce rates may extend across the nation.

While the study is not able to positively identify which of our social habits are responsible for the spike in divorce rates, the researchers do suggest several possibilities. Couples often plan family events such as vacations around the middle of the year. Couples who have already been considering the possibility of divorce may use these vacations as a type of litmus test for the viability of their relationship. The study calls this the “broken promises” theory of divorce where couples become discouraged after a vacation does little to improve or even hinders a relationship.

Another possibility is that the holiday season may put additional strain on an already stressed relationship. Big events, such as holidays, may amplify existing problems in a relationship and a couple may elect to wait for the mid-year break in holidays to take action. Specifically, the time between the New Years, Valentine’s Day, and the Christmas holiday season is an appropriate time to explore the possibility of marriage dissolution. This timeline matches the research presented by the study.

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