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"After researching to find a great lawyer, Ava was the best choice in every way. From the moment I met Ava and explained my case, she made me feel so comfortable. Ava was so sure on winning me this case, that I trusted her in all that she said and did. I was going for guardianship for my grandson and she got me custody. Talk about winning. Ava Gutfriend is the way to go when you need a great lawyer. She answered all my calls, questions and if I needed to meet with her, she made herself available. I will recommend her to everyone. Thanks, Ava for always putting me at ease and mostly for granting me the rights to protect my grandson in every way. You are the best in every way, as a lawyer, a professional, and a great person. Thank you and God bless you"

"The best! She is great, I always will recommend her to anybody. She helped me with my case and she kept it real with me. I thank her so much for the help. When you're in need, don't think about it go for her, she a fighter."

"Ava is really great at what she does. She has always been patient and explained anything I had questions about. Her assistant is also amazing as well. Seriously love her services skills and knowledge in the field. She's amazing. 5 star rating it is from me."

"Not all diamonds are forever. And if things get ugly, you'll find yourself like me - trying to navigate a court system steeped in dysfunction, racism and unconscious bias. A place where cases seem to be adjudicated by fiat. The fact is we are not represented equally and it's on you to find excellent counsel. Ava has the reputation (she's a fighter), recency (she knows all the players) and the experience (30+ yrs) to successfully represent you. An institution is only as good as the people who work within it and Ava excels where others fail. The system works when you hire competent, ethical counsel. You wanna win? Hire Ava."

"Hands down the best child custody attorney! Compassionate, caring and years of experience. She made our family feel at ease with her leading the charge in our granddaughter's child custody case. With years of experience and passion for children's rights she has made our family feel that she was not only the right choice but the best!"